My son, two months yesterday.
I love him so much. God has blessed me with such a beautiful wonderful baby boy. I am excited for the man he will become. For now, I will enjoy every moment I have. He is so precious and will remain small only for a little while. I want to take it all in. I want to document everything. I want to look back and smile. I want to do everything I can to provide a better path for him. He is loved so greatly. God blessed me and I will do my best for him.


Alone Time….

….does not exist. 

I love my son, but I’d love to shower by myself. I can’t believe I took that time for granted. I just want to enjoy one hot shower!

And my husband is barely any help. The Man-child, ugh. Why are men so infuriating? 

I’ve been trying to get house work done, on top of work. Those women who work from home….how I praise them. Stay at home moms, Suzie Homemakers? I apologize for any negative thing I have ever said. I applaud you. Believe me, I am talking to all my mom friends for tips and taking notes. Being a mom is TOUGH work. 

Though I wouldn’t admit that to some people. Not that I’m trying to be prideful….it’s just that there are some people in my life who like to get a little more involved and offer “helpful” advice on how I’m doing everything wrong. I already feel a level of inadequacy, I don’t need any help. I’m a young mom, there’s going to be a lot of trial and error. If I really wanted your advice, I’d ask.

I look at my son (who is actually sleeping on me as I type this) and feel so much love. I  never thought I could feel a love so powerful. I mean, I knew I was going to love him…but this is more than I expected. Honestly, I get jealous sometimes when someone else is holding him. Ugh, that sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? Am I the only one? Say no please.

That alone time I wanted? Yeah, I’m enjoying not being able to move due to the fear of my son waking…. 

Just a thought

I’m a new mom, not been married even six months…

How do I do this?

My son is a month tomorrow…how is he still living? I swear, I have no idea how I’m doing this. I feel like I’m going to screw up any second now. Even at this moment, I feel like I’m neglecting my child because I’m blogging. Breastfeeding? Ugh, that is a disaster. Thank God for pumps, or else he wouldn’t be eating much.

I’m working at home, hopefully it’s going to stay that way. This whole driving out of town thing is driving me nuts. I will miss my clients…but the idea of working from home sounds so appealing! Just working on the computer, making phone calls, and setting up appointments…yeah, I’m good with that.

The plus? I get to spend time with my son. I am so in love with him. I never thought I could love a human being so much. I now understand what my mother said when she told me my brother and I were her greatest accomplishments. He is so sweet and wonderful.

Until next time