Disastrously fun

So, my mom, brother, husband, son, and myself started a family trip March 13. First we went to camping with my aunt, uncle, and their two kids. Then we drove to California for some fun…..didn’t go exactly as planned. We kept sleeping in, the truck even broke down. First we were late to leave foe camping. I mean, we lost a whole day. After having a blast camping, We were late to Glendale. Then we tried to do too much in one day. My Auntie Gini let us keep our trailer parked at her house while we went traveling, but we slept in again, and we were late to Santa Barbara. We had a little time to do some things, my husband and I even got to celebrate our anniversary. We walked down State Street, spent some money, and had a decent time. Then we slept I’m AGAIN. The truck broke down on the way to San Francisco, and our day was lost. But we met some really cool people and had a lot of food. After the truck got fixed, we were not only extremely late to San Francisco, but we also lost the room because the travel website had not updated their info and we hadn’t known our pets weren’t allowed. So Mom had to find a new room, but then we had to waste a day waiting for check in. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge, the boys went bike riding, we explored and old army base. I mean, we did things we wanted, but we also had to keep the pets in mind because they were stuck in the truck with all our crap. We got to our room (which was almost an hour away) and passed out…..which meant sleeping in lol. So when we went to Fisherman’s Wharf, we hadn’t had all the time we wanted. But we still had a good time. We were able to leave on time back to Santa Barbara for a quick stop, but lost a day due to an emotional break down. So we didn’t make it until super late, and had to stay the night. Plus, my mom, brother and myself had begun to get sick. We made it to Glemde, got our things, but lost a day because of traffic and my getting very sick. So when we left, we had to stop at the border of California and Arizona to sleep….and now we are back on the road to Arizona to catch a flight to Florida for Disney World. Oh! I also forgot to mention that this whole time we had no idea what we were going to do with our pets while we were on Florida. It wasn’t until early this morning that we found a solution. Our plans kept falling through and I was getting very mad.
So now, we are on the road, back to drop off the pets to the wonderful people who stepped up, drop off the trailer, and get everything ready for our flight tomorrow. Let’s hope and pray we have just as much fun!


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