So it’s been a while

Obviously there has been a lot going on. First, I want to say, if you saw my last post, that my dad’s cancer has gone into remission! Thank the Lord! It has been a battle, and though we are still fighting other things, we have gotten past this one.
Christmas is coming up and I have yet to really even begin to shop for presents. So that’s my goal tomorrow. With the help of my mother, I will hopefully get everything I need. One present per person. Money is tight again this year, and I just wish I could do more.
I also have some big news…..but can’t share yet. I just can’t believe it. We’re also getting out of here. My husband and I agreed after Christmas we’re moving out. As much as I love him, I did say I’m leaving with or without him.  I can’t do this anymore with his parents. I don’t want to. We are ready to be on our own. I just hope he knows how serious I am….
Wow. Okay, new subject. I know, I can easily delete all of that, but I don’t want to. I’m in a venting mood.
My son has his two bottom teeth. He’s making all kinds of noises and is five months! I can’t believe it’s been five.months since I had him. This time last year I was pregnant with him. When he had to have surgery, I freaked out. My baby! But everything turned out fine. He is such a happy baby. He’s looking at the ceiling fan and making noises as I type this. His laugh is so cute. He is such a handsome little bugger. He’s eating solids….I better stop. I just love him so much. I never knew I had so much love stored up in me.
Until next time